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Shop work


Made-to-order cushions to accessorize your space. Window benches and kitchen nook seating. 


Small boutique upholstery shop with a passion for vintage and retro furniture restoration. Pieces are created and available for sale. 

Client commissions are considered, depending on time available in the calendar. Size of furniture items is limited. 



Re-imagining your furniture will add new sparkle to your space while keeping your dusty heirlooms or frumpy favourites out of the landfill. Renewing furniture with solid construction is a good idea. 

The shop's main focus is rescuing roadside pickings and turning them into stunning treasures! Sale items are available on the social media pages. 

New upholstery is an excellent investment for most furniture. It can be cheaper to buy new, but as we look for ways to make less garbage, "reduce, reuse, recycle" is worth remembering. Older furniture is often built to last and can be well worth the cost of saving it. Preserve history and the earth.

What will your investment include? Usually your piece will be stripped to the frame and then rebuilt and upholstered. Small repairs will be done, support system checked, frame tightening if needed. Costs include foams, padding, staples, cording, buttons, thread, hardware, glue, etc. Only proper upholstery materials are used to ensure best results.


Quality upholstery fabric is now about $65+/yard. For reference, a medium sized wingback chair is about 6-7 yards. The right kind of fabric is essential and it's always best to buy your fabric through the shop. Consult with your upholsterer first! 


If you're providing the fabric, keep in mind that large scale patterns, geometrics, stripes, plaids and strong directional weaves will add more labour and yardage to the estimate to accomodate pattern matching. Very light colours and high-pile fabrics like velvet require extra time and care. There is a charge per yard for customer's-own-fabric. 

The remaining item in your quote is labour. Upholstery services require time, skill and the right tools, and therefore, will command a fair price. 

_grey wingbacks curves copy.jpg

Popular Projects

Don't throw away your dining room chairs, funky office chairs or retro living room furniture. Redo them.


Ottomans can become a fun accent piece or revamp a handed down lounger. 

Design tip: Use an interesting piece of furniture as the decor feature of a room. Add custom matching pillows to pull the look together.

It Takes Time

Each upholstery project is unique. Surprises are expected. It's not a trade that can be rushed so working through each job requires patience and a steady pace. 


Each type of fabric has its own ease of use. Matching patterns adds time. Working with light-coloured fabric requires extra care. 

Delivery of materials and queued jobs are just a couple of factors that can affect project(s.)

Fabric purchased before your consult will be considered but be cautioned that not all fabric is appropriate. Strongly advise seeking advice first. 


_blue chair scroll.jpg

Next Generation Artisan


Small upholstery shop located in Fredericton, NB. The goal is to provide quality work using the best materials. I try to be as efficient as I can be but my shop is not a factory. Timelines are always rough estimates and I stress patience with the schedule. Upholstery is detailed, hard work.

A few years ago, I decided it was time to learn something new. After a bit of practice, and lots of courage, it became the right trade to pursue and so I created my little boutique upholstery shop.


Upholstery is a traditional trade with lots of demand. It can be tough to find active upholsterers as many of them retire or pass on.  

I dusted off my junior high school sewing skills and began messing around with a vintage sewing machine I bought at a local auction for $12. Since then, each project teaches me new skills and the end results never fail to surprise me. When a piece is finished, the feeling of accomplishment is worth the time spent. 

 After several years of client commissions, the shop's focus is turning more to restoring a curated inventory of cool vintage furniture. Each special piece is returned to it's former glory and then available for purchase. Items available are posted on the social media accounts. 

I like to combine colour and texture to create one-of-a-kind upholstery and decor projects. I take pride in quality work and won't give up on a job until I'm completely satisfied that it meets my high standards - this can take time (which is why I don't promise return times.)

My studio supervisor, Izzy Cat, always makes sure everything passes quality control :)

Thank you!


Welcome to the cozy workshop

I'm a one woman-and-cat show and the demand has been overwhelming - which is amazing. Client commissions are considered based on the project complexity and time required. The calendar is quite full for 2024.

Please allow time for me to respond to your request. Sending photos is helpful and to do so, use the email address below. Thanks so much!

Shop Location

Northside Fredericton,

New Brunswick

E3A 3L5


Consults and visits by appointment with flexible hours. 


Thanks for submitting. Please allow up to two weeks for response. This is busy business! Appreciate you reaching out.

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