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Made-to-order cushions to accessorize your space. Re-covering your existing pillow forms is a fun way to update your home.



Choose from a range of fabrics to bring a loved piece of furniture or found treasure back to life. Add a twist to a classic antique or create a surprising combo of retro style paired with modern tastes. 



Re-imagining your furniture will add new sparkle to your space while keeping your dusty heirlooms or frumpy favourites out of the landfill. Rescue roadside pickings and turn them into a stunning treasures! Renewing furniture with solid construction is a good idea. 

Upholstery is an option that is overlooked because it's pricey and it can be cheaper to buy new. As we look for ways to make less garbage, "reduce, reuse, recycle" is worth remembering. Older furniture is often built to last and can be well worth the cost of saving it. Preserve history and the earth.

What will your investment include? Usually your piece will be stripped to the frame. Small repairs and tightening will be done. Springs will be re-tied if necessary. Rebuilding can include new webbing, foam, padding, edge roll, and anything else needed to restore the integrity of your piece. Materials include staples, cording, buttons, thread, hardware, glue, etc. Even at contract prices, quality upholstery materials are expensive.


Good upholstery fabric is about $35/yard give or take. For perspective, an average fully upholstered chair is about 5 yards. I can't stress enough the importance of buying the right kind of fabric for the job. Consult first!

The remaining item in your quote is labour. Pretty much the only part with any "wiggle" room since materials and fabric are fixed costs. Upholstery services require time and skill and therefore will command a fair price. 


Don't be shy - get a quote. Send a message and ask about your project. Email a photo. You'll be amazed at the creative things we can do to repair or restyle your furniture, even on a budget. 


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Popular Projects

Don't throw away your dining room chairs, funky office chairs or retro living room furniture. Redo them.


Ottomans can become a fun accent piece or revamp a handed down lounger. 

Design tip: Use an interesting piece of furniture as the decor feature of a room. Add custom matching pillows to pull the look together.

Why so long?

Each upholstery project is unique. Surprises are expected. It's not a trade that can be rushed so working through each job requires patience and a steady pace. 


Each type of fabric has its own ease of use. Matching patterns adds time. Working with light-coloured fabric requires extra care. 

Delivery of materials and queued jobs are just a couple of factors affecting your project(s.)

Fabric purchased before your consult will be considered but be cautioned that not all fabric is appropriate. Strongly advise seeking advice first. 



Next Generation Artisan


Full service upholstery shop located in Fredericton, NB. The goal is to provide you with quality work and good service. I try to be as quick as I can be without compromising your project(s) so that you can get back to enjoying your beautiful furniture.

So why did I decide to do this?

About 2 years ago, I decided it was time to learn something new. The opportunity to build an upholstery business here in Fredericton, New Brunswick kind of crept up on me and after some long thought, a bit of practice, and lots of courage, it became the right career to pursue. 

I began messing around using a vintage sewing machine I bought at a local auction for $12 and dusted off my basic sewing skills learned from grade 7 Home Economics classes. Since then, each project teaches me new skills and the end results never fail to surprise me. Working with my hands is so rewarding. When a finished piece is delivered to a happy client, the feeling of accomplishment is worth the time spent.

Upholstery is a traditional trade and has been practiced by skilled craftsmen for centuries. Today, it's getting harder to find upholsterers as many of them retire or pass on. With each project I gain valuable practice and knowledge, and I hope to eventually reach their level of mastery.


There is such a great need for upholstery services, even though today's society has become very comfortable with throwing everything away. I encourage you to take a second look at the hand-me-down furniture that you may have in your basement - maybe it has cool lines or perhaps it's been around since your childhood - could be tattered but don't throw it away. Restore it. 

Newer furniture can be updated, too. If it's a well-built piece, keep it in good shape just like your car. Buy one sofa and give it new looks with fresh upholstery as your tastes change. You never know how valuable modern furniture might be in the future, right?

Years of jewelery design taught me how to combine colour and shape to create unique designs and I apply much of what I learned to my upholstery and decor projects. I take pride in quality work and won't give up on a job until I'm completely satisfied that it meets my high standards. 

My studio supervisor, Izzy Cat, and I look forward to working on your projects. Below are some scenes from around the studio and shop,

Thank you!

Welcome to the cozy workshop

Shop Location

Northside Fredericton,

New Brunswick

E3A 3L5



Call: 506-470-9672


Almost always working! Consults and visits by appointment with flexible hours. 


Hard to believe but most project bookings are well into 2021. Please allow time for me to respond to your request. Thanks so much!
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Fredericton, New Brunswick

E3A 3L5



Call: 506-470-9672

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