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Need to pull together a unique look for your space? Can't find just the right ready-made cushions in the store?


Custom decor projects and fresh upholstery is your answer. Coordinates can be designed based on what inspires you, such as a favourite colour or eye-catching fabric pattern. 

Throw pillows are the perfect accessory to introduce punchy colour to a neutral colour scheme or anchor a bright decor with subdued shades. Bring together the room by having a simple side chair upholstered in a rich fabric with accent pillows to match it. 


Home & Cottage

Dress up your vacation home for the season with new pillows and matching bed runners. Custom seat cushions add charm to vintage kitchen chairs. 

Reuse! Breathe new life into your old pillow forms with fresh covers and make them more versatile by choosing two different but complimentary sides. 

Custom bedding items can be made, like bed runners, throws and lumbar pillows. 

Business Time

Custom decor projects will make any AirBnB property or seasonal rental feel professional and polished. Carry a theme throughout with patterns and pleasing colours.

Add textiles and new upholstery to dress up a shabby office or make an informal and mismatched work space a little more cozy.

Are your vinyl stools in need of repair? Save the sturdy frames, fix the seats. 

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